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Powerfields.com | 1-800-843-3702 43 Now that you have determined where you will put your fence, it’s time to create a list of materials and tools needed to construct your fence. Use the basic electric fence calculation table to the right to get a start on this list. It is important to keep the following factors in mind: Soil Soil condition is an issue that must be considered when installing electric fencing. Dry or sandy soil may require a fence charge with greater power than in moist areas. Ground Rod beds require moisture to secure a solid grounding. Expansion When choosing the fence energizer it is recommended to not only consider the area being fenced, but to look ahead at fence to be added later. That way the right energizer may be purchased the first time. Gates Location of gates, type, and amount of traffic going through the area is an important consideration. Installing metal gates in high traffic areas and in corners makes handling animals easier. Electric gates are great for pasture separa- tions or implement traffic. Number of Strands Determining the correct number of strands depends on your animals (species, maturity, sex, etc.). As a general rule of thumb, the most recommended number of strands per species are: 20” 10” 10” 10” 8” 20” 24” 10” 10” 10” 20” 46” 10” 10” 10” 10” 12” 52” 10” 10” 6” 8” 40” 8” 10” 42” 6” 6” 6” 3 Wire 3 Wire 4 Wire 5 Wire 5 Wire 6 Wire Cattle, Horses, and large animal fence Hog fence Cattle, Horses, and large animal boundary fence Feedlot, Horse, boundary fence Predators, Cattle, Deer, Sheep or boundary fence Predators, Cattle, Deer, Sheep or boundary fence Fence Fence Perimeter (ft) Pg 5, 7, 8, 28 ________ Fence Energizer Power Pg 14-18 ________ Ground System Pg 23 ________ Posts Calculations Spacing (ft) between posts ________ Number of Line Posts = Perimeter÷Spacing ________ # Corners/Gates/Ends/Braces ________ Type Line Pg 26 ________ Corner ________ Wire Calculations Total=Perimeter x # strands ________ Type Poly Products Pg 5, 7, 8 ________ Steel/High Tensile Pg 28 ________ Insulators Calculations Line=#strands x #line posts ________ Corner=#strands x #corner posts ________ Type Line Insulators Pg 5, 9, 35 ________ Corner Insulators Pg 5, 10 ________ Gate Handles/Accessories Pg 11-13 ________ Fence Handware/Splicing Pg 10, 30-34 ________ Energizer Accessories Pg 21-22 ________ ELECTRIC FENCE Installation STEP 2: MAKE CHECKLIST HEIGHT AND SPACING MATERIALS